Feed the Family


Stop watching so much of your hard-earned paycheck go to restaurants and start enjoying a simplified approach to meals at home.

This is not a list of dinners or a demand to cook every night for hours.

It's the method I've used to get food on the table at home most nights of the week for my busy and growing family.

If I can give you the encouragement, tools, and mom math enough to eat dinner at home just 2 times more than you would have without Feed the Family, you will have doubled your investment in the course!

That's some mom math I'm proud of. :)

What You'll Get:

  •  5 video lessons on mom math of food, meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking (taught by Sandy - a classically trained chef!), and meal time myths.
  •  The content available in both video or ebook format.
  • A meal plan template by category that you can print or a document you can open in any notes app you like for digital use!

What People Are Saying:

I just finished Feed the Family and have to tell you I am so re-energized to refresh how we feed our family. I've been a bit burnt out on meal planning and slipped into ordering food/drive through more often. Tonight I decided to assemble an easy dinner after football practice. We came home and I quickly pulled dinner together in maybe 10 minutes. I'm so excited! We would have spent $40 on a quick convenience meal. We not only saved that money but are back home for family time faster and ate a meal with more produce!

Jessica C.

$49.00 USD

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