Get a crystal clear picture into where your money is going and how to make realistic changes to achieve your goals.


Confused and frustrated by monthly budgets on paper that never happen in real life?


The Debt Free Mom Custom Budget provides you with a one-time service for seeing your real numbers come to life inside an accurate, realistic pay period budget. The entire Custom Budget process happens over email.

This service does not focus on teaching you how to put the budget into practice. Instead, a Custom Budget gives you a crystal clear picture into where your money has been going, why you may feel like you live paycheck to paycheck, and a suggested path forward to achieve your goals.

With a Custom Budget, you will



You'll fill out a worksheet with all of your income, expenses, debts, frustrations, and goals.



Your Custom Budget will show you exactly how your unique pay schedules maps onto your spending, giving you a crystal clear picture of your cash flow.



You'll also receive a Suggested Budget that gives you an expert perspective on how to prioritize your income and expenses to reach your money goals.


We'll gather all your real numbers, your frustrations, and your goals into a plan for your next 8-12 weeks worth of pay periods no matter how many income streams you have.


Here's What You're Getting with a Debt Free Mom Custom Budget

  • 2 versions of your budget for the next 8-12 weeks: 
    • an Original Budget showing how your money will play out if you don't change anything and,
    • a Suggested Budget showing what can happen with your money with a few changes. These suggested changes might include: decreased spending, focusing extra income on one goal instead of a bunch, avoiding a deficit where you spend more than you make, adding personal spending cash, etc.
  • A 3 step plan for the top 3 priorities we suggest focusing on & the order in which you should accomplish them.
  • A Custom Budget Guide: a personalized report about your new budget to help you understand exactly how your budget was set up and what any colors or notes in your budget mean.

AND If your budget falls into one of these categories, you'll also get some additional suggestions: 

  • If you have multiple debts, you'll get a suggested order for paying them off one at a time that will balance your debt payoff timeline with any interest rates or high payments. For example, if you have a debt with a low interest rate but very high monthly payment, we may suggest paying that off earlier in the order of debts in order to free up all that cash in your monthly budget! Or if you have a 0% interest debt we'll recommend paying that off after your high interest debts.
  • If you currently spend more than you make, you'll get an example of the kind of changes that are necessary to close that deficit. First trying to close the deficit by reducing expenses, but if that doesn't seem feasible we will give you an exact amount we recommend for increased income in order to close the deficit and have money for your goals.


After purchasing, you'll choose a date and time you'd like to submit your Finance Snapshot worksheet with details about your income, pay schedule, and expenses. Your Custom Budget will be uploaded to your portal on within 48 hours after the date/time for which you booked your session. 

Your Custom Budget Also Includes these FREE Bonuses

In addition to your brand new pay period budget and guidebook, you will also receive two free bonuses:

  1. The Debt Free Mom Budget Template + Mini Course ($9 value) - a quick start guide to using the pay period budget, and
  2. The DFM Tracking Templates Bundle ($15 value) which includes 3 supplemental personal finance templates that can be added to your pay period budget for more in depth tracking. 

That's $24 in extra value for free when you purchase today!

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You've wasted enough of your time, sanity, and money wondering where your money went each month. Don't let confusion sabotage your financial progress any more! Get a crystal clear picture of where your money is going and learn how to make realistic changes to achieve your goals.