Pay Period Budget Academy

What You'll Get: The full Pay Period Budgeting Course: my first product to not only teach you how to build your pay period budget spreadsheet, but also to walk side by side with you as you use it in daily life and adjust it when things go wrong. This is not the course for perfect budgeters, it's the course for persistent budgeters. The final 2 modules have been recorded and added to the course. 7 modules with hours of quality video lessons broken down into less than 12 minutes per lesson, printables, notes, and examples. ($197 value) *NEW* Template Bundle: 3 additional spreadsheet templates for practical personal finance management. Cost Per Use (how much is the gym costing you based on how much you use it, for example), Escrow Calendar (make sure you're on track to pay big home bills like taxes and insurance even if you don't set aside the same amount each month), and Travel Points Log (record the travel points you use, when you use them, and how much it would've cost you in cash to keep you motivated to put in the work to maintain the credit cards responsibly!) ($30 value) *NEW* 10 completed budget examples: scroll through 10 real people's budgets from different income levels, debt amounts, expenses, pay period schedules, etc. This gives you a chance to see 10 real budgets set up by me using actual client's numbers so that you can find similarities in your own budget and gain confidence that your'e building your budget accurately! ($20 value)  

one time payment of 197