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Confidence & Contentment in Personal Finance


Stuck in your personal budget? Need help reaching a financial goal?

Each episode of the Debt Free Mom Podcast features a conversation with host Carly Hill and a guest with a specific question about their home finances. Carly will help you :

  • Clarify the core problem behind your budget issue
  • Build an action plan with your next steps toward your goals
  • Grow your confidence and contentment with your personal finances
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Meet Carly Hill

Host of the Debt Free Mom Podcast


I'm a mom of 4 with a love for seeing life through numbers. I have a background in special education and really enjoy teaching complicated topics in easy-to-understand ways. I also have a passion for seeing women and families replace the confusion and frustration of managing money with clear financial goals.

I've seen all kinds of budgets, and I've coached people through lots of complicated and difficult financial situations. On the Debt Free Mom Podcast, I'll help you navigate through a specific issue that's keeping you from managing your money with confidence and contentment.

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Here's what people are saying about the Debt Free Mom Podcast


You’ve got an education background like me, so I know this will make sense 😅
So much of our habit building isn’t just about having the intellectual awareness and understanding of money, it’s about our self-talk surrounding decisions. What we surround ourselves with is what we become, so I’ve been “surrounding myself” with accounts that will have a positive affect on my internal dialogue. You’re one of the only accounts I’ve found that’s gone beyond “DO THIS LIST OF THINGS” and really let us see how you talk yourself through decision making in real-life ways, and I’ve noticed that my self-talk around purchasing decisions has changed as I’ve followed you.
Grateful for you and your work ❤️

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