20. My Money Story with Carly - Part 2

How do you pivot your relationship with money when you had one singular goal, you finally accomplished it, and you realize you haven't at all prepared for what life on the other side of that goal might look like? Today's episode is part two of My Money Story, right after we became debt free. What did we do next?



This summer, I'm inviting you to join me for Summer Budget Camp, a community of fellow budgeters coming together for a guided learning experience in pay period budgeting. Together we'll work our way through the newly updated modules of Pay Period Budget Academy, my signature course for teaching you how to prepare, build, track, and adjust a budget that fits your real life. This brand new format breaks down all the lessons into weekly tasks delivered throughout the summer and paces you so that you don't lose steam after building the budget and instead can build the habits needed to make budgeting a part of your busy life.

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The new lessons and modules structures provide you with lessons that many budget tools leave out, like putting your money goals in order, using credit cards in a pay period budget, and how to adjust for the unexpected.

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