22. My Money Story with Carly - Part 3

This is part three of my money story spanning over 11 and a half years of personal finances in our family of growing of learning from our mistakes of finding our way through the advice and rules of other people to what worked for us. In this final installment of our money story, I'm going from March of 2019, which is when Debt Free Mom began up to today in the spring of 2022. 


This is also the season 1 finale of the Debt Free Mom Podcast! We're planning to take a break from our regularly scheduled programming for the summer, but we'll do a mini series or two throughout the summer so that we're not just leaving you high and dry until the fall. We'll take the opportunity to do something fun, do something different than what we have been doing, and then start back strong in the fall with our guests coming on to talk about money, frustrations and money goals.

Would you do me a favor as we close out season one? If anything in this podcast has encouraged you to persist in your budget or empowered you to get off the fence with a money decision you needed to make and take action, or simply made you smile instead of worry about a topic as heavy as personal finances, would you do us a favor and rate or leave a review? Those numbers help our podcasts become visible to even more people just like you who are out there maybe confused about their money, but afraid to take action for fear of what other people will think of them, or for fear that they'll make the wrong move. We want them to find relatable and realistic advice here at the Debt Free Mom podcast, and your reviews can help us accomplish that goal.